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Explore these webinars and session recordings to learn more about MYP eAssessment.

MYP webinar series on eAssessment  

Explore this four-part webinar series on eAssessment to learn more about: 

  • IB assessment principles and practices reflected in MYP eAssessment.  
  • Connections between MYP eAssessment principles and practices and the classroom.  
  • MYP eAssessment and contemporary research.  

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MYP eAssessment: impact and school experiences  

The webinar provides an overview about the reasons why schools choose to participate in the MYP eAssessment and its impact on their school practices. You will also learn about the results of the May 2018 post-session school survey. 

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Introduction to MYP eAssessment 

Explore these recording sessions to gain introductory knowledge about MYP eAssessment, directly from IB leaders themselves. 

eAssessment - The 'why' 
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eAssessment design - The 'what' 
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eAssessment implementation - The 'how' 
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eAssessment webinars for IB World Schools 

The IB regularly runs webinars to support MYP Schools at every step of their IB journey. 

Please note that the complete pack of materials with the student work, notes from standardization and FAQs from the sessions are available in the MYP Programme Community group of the Programme Resource Centre (PRC). 

MYP Personal Project Standardization Exercise (2017)

eAssessment in the MYP Part 1 (2016)

eAssessment in the MYP Part 2 (2016)