MYP eAssemblies

Introduction to MYP eAssessment

Enjoy the recorded sessions via on-demand replay to get an introduction to MYP eAssessment from IB leaders.

eAssessment - The 'why'

eAssessment design - The 'what'

eAssessment implementation - The 'how'

Webinars for IB World Schools

The IB regularly runs webinars to support IB World Schools at every step of their IB journey. Below you'll find a list of recorded webinars about MYP eAssessment that you can view immediately or download and save.

Please note that the complete pack of materials with the student work, notes from standardisation and FAQs from the sessions are available in the MYP Programme Community group of the PRC.

MYP Personal Project Standardisation Exercise (2017)

eAssessment in the MYP Part 1 (2016)

eAssessment in the MYP Part 2 (2016)