Service and support

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The IB has released significant services to help schools prepare, conduct and provide feedback on the on-screen exams.

Services to prepare for exams

The main services that help schools prepare for the on-screen exams include:

  • publication of a comprehensive range of supporting documents to help schools understand the MYP’s rigorous global standards and strengthen and learning during the final year of MYP.
  • a student response service that enables coordinators and teachers to view student responses to a specimen examination, mark the responses and provide feedback to students. This website based service turns encrypted response files of the specimen examinations in readable PDF files that teachers can use for evaluation and marking.
  • provision of a compatibility checker to give assurance to schools that the devices they intend to use in the exams are capable of running the examination software.
  • provision of an IB specific scientific calculator for on-screen examinations which is also accessible online for use during teaching and learning. The calculator is compatible with Windows, Mac and mobile devices.

Support during the examination session

During the examination sessions, dedicated IB staff and technical support teams provide 24/7 assistance by phone and email to schools.

The IB undertakes unannounced inspection visits during the examination session to ensure schools comply with all regulations and provide feedback to the IB, both from a technical and procedural perspective.

Feedback service

Schools submit Teacher Feedback with regards to on-screen examinations and ePortfolios that the IB’s senior examiners formally take into account during grade award.

Student reflective journals are used as background information in IB senior examiners’ decision making during standardization and grade award.

After each exam session, the IB publishes subject reports that provide schools with guidance on how to teach future students and develop (partially completed) unit planners.

IB resources

IB World Schools can view a list of all IB resources that offer information and guidance for schools undertaking eAssessment. This list is available on the IB’s password protected Programme Resource Center (PRC).