MYP webinars

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Browse through this series of webinars to discover the benefits of the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and how it supports student learning throughout the IB curriculum.

Managing the transition to the new assessment model May 2022

Presented 3 November 2021

To support you, and ensure schools fully understand the implications of Language Acquisition moving on-screen from May 2022 eAssessments, we have organised a webinar to provide an overview of the changes to the guide, the amended blueprint of the assessment model and of how to prepare teachers and students for the upcoming session.

Technology in the MYP – Thinking, planning and using technology in the school

Presented 8 September 2018

The first webinar of the series invites participants to view their existing curriculum and school environment through technological lenses, rather than seeing technology as an add-on or an end to itself. It introduces AID as a general framework for this MYP series, and explores the difference between integrating technology for learning and implementing devices and infrastructure with new technologies. To better understand what research suggests about the use of technology in schools, our guest speaker will clarify the difference between technology implementation and integration, as well as share practical ideas for classroom use.

Agency – How can we extend our abilities using technology?

Presented 6 October 2018

This webinar explores the role of teachers and learners as agents in using technology to extend their abilities in terms of what they can do and be online. Our guest speaker will discuss how to develop technology-related skills and will explore concepts that concern academic honesty, digital presence and participation, internet safety, as well as how technology may affect different disciplines.

Information – How can we use technology to enhance our understanding of the world?

Presented 3 November 2018

This webinar explores the power of technology not only for searching, analyzing and manipulating information, but also to gain insight in creating resources that both teachers and learners can use to enhance their understanding of their world. Our guest speaker will discuss how to use information effectively through the responsible use of data, artificial intelligence, searching online libraries and digital tools.

Design – How does technology affect and create new environments for learning?

Presented 8 December 2018

This webinar explores how technology can be used to design ideas and create products/outcomes that aid teaching and learning. Our guest speaker will discuss the potential of design thinking (the process of creating with technology), the impact of design as a subject to increase technology literacy, and also how to foster design environments, such as robotics rooms and maker spaces, to connect “real world” experiences with conceptual learning in schools.