What is an IB education?

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This professional development (PD) series is appropriate for all practitioners who want to learn more about the IB's teaching and learning practices, across all four IB programmes.

Principles of inclusive and equitable education

This eLearning tool is an opportunity to reflect on and learn about the principles and practices of inclusive education. The tool provides real-life scenarios aiming to aid in a deeper understanding of these concepts.

Investigating inquiry

Students’ own curiosity provides the most effective provocation for learning that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant. Explore the powerful role of inquiry, action and reflection to structure both synchronous and non-synchronous learning, and teaching strategies that place student agency at the center.

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Living and learning globally

International-mindedness is a key part of the mission of an IB Education. The IB invites us to engage with diverse beliefs, values and experiences within and across cultures. The focus of an IB education is on active learning and providing opportunities for global engagement and meaningful action with a diverse range of communities.

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Beyond the disciplines

Across all IB programmes, students access broad and balanced academic learning experiences which allow them to access conceptual, factual and procedural knowledge within and across subject areas. By engaging in authentic opportunities, students are able to integrate learning and add coherence to their curriculum. For students to continue to develop as lifelong learners, they need to make meaningful connections between academic disciplines and beyond, in order to better understand the world around them.

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Approaches to learning

All IB programmes develop the approaches to learning (ATL) skill categories of communication, social, self-management, research and thinking to promote learning as an active and dynamic process. These interrelated skills seek to empower students of all ages to become self-regulated learners who can ask relevant questions, set meaningful goals and put effective strategies to use in order to achieve their goals.

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Advance your IB skills and expertise

Additional learning resources

Professional development workshops

The IB holds a wide range of workshops to help you develop your knowledge and expertise. You can use the 'Find a workshop' tool to select your desired workshops. See below a list of relevant workshops.

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