Innovation, culture and equity

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Browse these webinars to support your learning about the IB curriculum; exploring school culture, innovation in education and funding equity.

Curriculum, School Culture and Equity

In this webinar, join Dr. Ashley Berner, Director of the John's Hopkins University Institute for Education Policy, as she shares rich insights into the way school culture contributes to positive academic and civic outcomes – including elevating the learning experience for all students in a school. IB World Schools will then be guided on how they can use these insights towards their next evaluation, from developing their school improvement plan, setting goals that will enhance their IB implementation, to supporting academic and social-emotional well-being for their students. This webinar may specifically be of interest to schools seeking to identify barriers to growing Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) student participation.

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Funding Equity and Innovation in Education

As COVID-19 pushes schools and education systems to face unprecedented challenges, there has been growing concern about how financial crisis will impact 2021-2022 budgets. With remote learning also making initiatives to bridge equity gaps even more challenging to implement, Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) and the International Baccalaureate invite you to join us as we explore the issues related to public funding as well as opportunities to generate alternative funding to continue advancing world class educational opportunities for all students.