Become an IB Examiner

If you would like to enhance your teaching experience and subject knowledge, we invite you to become an IB Examiner. You will mark or moderate students’ work in the Diploma Programme (DP), Career-related Programme (CP) or Middle Years Programme (MYP). You will have access to training and prescribed, well-defined criteria and mark schemes.

Benefits of becoming an IB Examiner

  • Unique professional development opportunities including teacher credits
  • Insight into the assessment process
  • International educational experience
  • Competitive rates of payment



Marking and moderating (reviewing teachers’ marks) takes place via our online system from the convenience of your home. Most of marking starts within two weeks after the exam and is completed three weeks later. Find out more about marking.


To give you an overview of the recruitment process, we have mapped out the path for becoming an IB Examiner. Please take a look at our infographic

Examiner infographic

IB Examiner vacancies

Please read our recruitment policy [174 KB]  and make sure you meet our requirements prior to applying.

IB Examiners have to declare all potential conflicts of interest to the IB. This is to ensure the validity of assessment. Learn more about conflicts of interest.

We accept applications throughout the year for most of our subjects. Our focus areas for the November 2020 examination session (and beyond) are listed below:

Diploma / Career-related Programme

German A Danish ab initio Biology (German) Theory of knowledge
Croatian A: Literature Japanese ab initio Biology (Japanese) Theory of knowledge (Spanish)
Czech A: Literature Swedish ab initio Chemistry (Japanese) World Studies EE (Spanish)
Danish A: Literature Danish B Design technology Reflective Project
English A: Literature Dutch B Sports, exercise and health science (Spanish) Biology (English)
German A: Literature Malay B ESS: Environmental systems and societies (Spanish and French) Business and Management (English)
Lithuanian A: Literature Norwegian B Dance (bilingual English-Spanish) Economics (English)
Norwegian A: Literature Swedish B Dance (Spanish) Mathematics: Analysis and approaches (English)
Punjabi A: Literature Tamil B Film Mathematics: Applications and interpretation (English)
Romanian A: Literature Business management (Spanish) Music (English and bilingual English-Spanish) Philosophy (English)
Sinhalese A: Literature
Economics Music (Spanish) Psychology (English)
Slovak A: Literature
Geography (Bilingual English-French) Theatre (English and bilingual English-Spanish)  
Slovene A: Literature
Global politics (English and bilingual English-Spanish) Visual arts  
Spanish A: Literature Global politics (Spanish) Visual arts (Japanese)  
Tamil A: Literature
History Visual arts (Spanish)  
Thai A: Literature
ITGS (Spanish) World Arts and Cultures (English)  
Vietnamese A: Literature
Social and cultural anthropology    
Dutch A: Language and Literature
World Religions (Bilingual English-Spanish)    
English A: Language and Literature
Political Thought (Spanish)    

Middle Years Programme

Suspended Recruitment

Please do not apply for any of the subjects listed below, your application will not be considered.

Diploma / Career-related Programme

Arabic A: language and literature ITGS (English)
Chemistry (English) Japanese A: literature
Chinese A: language and literature Korean A: literature
Chinese A: literature Mandarin ab initio
Chinese B Music (English)
English ab initio Physics (English)
English B Spanish ab initio
French ab initio Turkish A: literature
Geography (English)  
Hindi B  

Middle Years Programme

Chinese language acquisition Maths (English)
Chinese language and literature Personal Project (English and Spanish)
Design (English) Physical Health Education (PHE) (English)
English language acquisition Sciences (English)
French language acquisition  
Geography (English) Spanish language acquisition
Hindi language acquisition  
Interdisciplinary (English and Spanish)

Find out more and apply

If you are already an IB Examiner and would like to change your subject, components or mark an additional component, please contact us.

Please read our recruitment policy [174 KB]  and conflicts of interest information prior to applying.