2015 regional conference

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The 2015 Conference of the Americas was held on 23-26 July 2015.

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Conference Presentations:

Friday | 24 July 2015

Assessing for Understanding Across the IB Continuum [9MB] PDF

Lou Marchesano

Chris Overhoff

Coordinator as Leader in Professional Learning [5.1MB] PDF

Amy Brodsky

John Moore,

Dexter Lindsey

IB Counselors and Coordinators Together [555KB] PDF

Marie Vivas

Christine Eischen

Kristen Machczynski

The cage-busting teacher [3.2MB] PDF

Frederick M. Hess

Diploma Programme update Academic division [3.4MB] PDF

James Monk

Diploma Programme update Schools division [10MB] PDF

Alicia D'Urbano

Exploring How Language Development Standards Can Work with IB Content Statements for ELL Development [5.4MB] PDF

Jesse Markow

El Arte de Presentar a Nuestros Alumnos y Programas a las Universidades en Los Estados y Unidos y Canadá [810KB] PDF

Marie Vivas

Rosa Moreno

Expanding PK-12 Access to IB: The Chicago Project [1.8MB] PDF 

Sara Leven

Admissions Case Studies [500KB] PDF 

Jim Bock

Kirk Brennan

Pam Joos

Michael Lai

David Zutautas

Gamification and Enrichment in an IB Classroom [13MB] PDF 

James Hron

Joel Weingart

Getting It Right! [5MB] PDF 

Stephan Turnipseed

Leadership Through Capacity Building [2.6MB] PDF 

Gerard Calnin

Sue Richards

Leading School Transformational Change through MYP Assessing, Grading, and Reporting [3.7MB] PDF 

Tom Dodd

Farr Prickett

Louis Marchesano

Personal projects 2016 [2.1MB] PDF 

Gill Chudley

Danielle Veilleux


Saturday | 25 July 2015

Seeking Knowledge Exercising Reason Living the Gospel [1.2MB] PDF   Matthew Schultz 
From Data to Implementation: A Case Study of Integrating ATL in the Extended Essay Process [6.5MB] PDF 

Julia L. Kinnear

Mari Roughneen

Jody McLean

Leveraging the International Baccalaureate MYP to Restructure Underperforming Schools [800KB] PDF 

Kristine Shipman-Belcher

Supporting the core and explicit ATL skills in the Diploma Programme [3.4MB] PDF 

Kate Hebdon

Educating the Whole Child for Whole School Improvement [3.1MB] PDF 

Mike Rulon

Supporting Underserved Students [2.4MB] PDF 

Kedra Ishop

Sara Leven

Brian Spittle

Kara Turner

IBCP Approaches to Learning: Building Curriculum and Community in the CP Core [7.5MB] PDF 

Denise Prociuk

Evaluación del PD: Estandarización del proceso [572KB] PDF 

Alicia D'Urbano

Implemen'ng IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning in a virtual environment [4.2MB] PDF 

Edward Lawless

Teachers and the IB Learner Profile [2.7MB] PDF 

Joanne Chatlos 

Actualización del Programa del Diploma División académica [2.8MB] PDF 

James Monk

Primary Children's Perspectives on their School Experiences: Using Multiple Modes of Communication to Inform Practice [4.1MB] PDF 

Jodi Streelasky

Bill Reid

The IB Learner in the Digital Age: Redefining Collaborative and Creative Learning With Free Technology Tools [346KB] PDF 

Vicki Quinn

Amy Heusterberg-Richards

Under Fire: University Recognition Update [748KB] PDF 

Mairead Barry

Jonathan Burdick

Shannon Gundy,

Paul Sanders

Marie Vivas

Actualizacion del Diploma [10MB] PDF 

Alicia D'Urbano 

Marketing your IB Students and Program [458KB] PDF 

Debra von Bargen

Rachelle Bernadel

Shayne Swift

PanethaTheodosia Nychis Ott

Planning, Developing, Sustaining, & Marketing your CP [7.2MB] PDF 

Dana Ryan

Leah Keuscher

Luz Verdin

Español Lengua A: Lengua y Literatura [280KB] PDF 

Eugenia Carioni

Grading and reporting in the IB [6.6MB] PDF 

Kelly Sirginnis

Nathan Lockhart

Sara King

An Evaluation of How 1:1 Technology Can Support Student Success in the IB [1.1MB] PDF 

John Falino

Candace Reim

Marion Halberg

Project Worldview: Using the IB core to cultivate young researchers [2.8MB] PDF 

Heather Michael

Jennifer Mitton-Kukner

Reflections, Relationships, and Resources: Sustaining the PYP [1.9MB] PDF 

Lucy Haddock

Lisa Enrique

Tips for TOK: Educating for life with arts and sciences [4.1MB] PDF 

Patrick Daneau

Una ruta para la indagación: Docentes construyendo un ciclo para su colegio [10.7MB] PDF 


Sunday | 26 July 2014

DP Evaluation: Standardizing the Process [571KB] PDF  Alicia D'Urbano
Con los pies en la tierra [4MB] PDF  Aurora Tamez
How to Apply to Canada, the UK and Europe [2.8MB] PDF 

Andrew Arida

Pam Joos

Marie Vivas

Learning to improve your leadership (and life) through the natural change process [2.5MB] PDF 

Dave Webb

Chad Schmidt

Student-led inquiries as a platform for action [6.8MB] PDF 

Adriana Santacruz

Rodrigo González

The Advancement Pipeline [2.5MB] PDF 

Ibe Crawley

El valor de los valores [3.2MB] PDF 

Jorge Perera González

Rigour for all: The AVID and IB Partnership Advancement Via Individual Determination and International Baccalaureate [1.5MB] PDF 

Angela Wilcox

Liz Jensen