IB World Schools Yearbook

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The IB World Schools Yearbook is the annual official guide to schools offering IB programmes. Now in its 18th edition, the 2023 Yearbook provides comprehensive information about over 5,600 IB World Schools worldwide.

Published by John Catt Educational in co-operation with the IB, the IB World Schools Yearbook is used to help families find a school, as well as by school administration and education policy makers across the world.

As well as promoting IB World Schools and their associations, the Yearbook offers a comprehensive overview of the IB and its programmes, with an introduction written by Director General, Olli-Pekka Heinonen. Read about the latest regional and global initiatives and find information on universities that recognize and award scholarships to IB diploma holders.

You can also find information on schools featured in the Yearbook at www.ibyb.org and by using the 'Find an IB World School' search on this website.

For any enquiries about the IB World Schools Yearbook or to provide John Catt Educational with updated school information, please email enquiries@johncatt.com.

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