Making eAssessments accessible for all students


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Marie-Ève Letourneau, an MYP student at École Pointe-Lévy in Québec, Canada, with a visual impairment, has excelled in the MYP eAssessment as a result of adaptations to the onscreen exam environment.

The launch of the MYP eAssessment in 2015 represented an important milestone for the IB, as it was the first major step towards digitization. When MYP coordinator Manon Tessier informed the IB assessment team back in 2015 about Marie-Ève’s upcoming exams in 2017, the IB made a strategic decision to make the onscreen environment completely accessible for a student with vision impairment. 

The IB’s Dr Kala Parasuram explains how making the examinations accessible was an important learning experience for all teams involved. “It was great teamwork. Everyone got involved – the access and inclusion team, examination production, including the multimedia team, and subject managers. Colleagues who did not know much about accessibility also got involved. Everyone learnt a lot through this process”, Kala said.

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