IB student hopes to be first woman on Mars

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Alyssa Carson, a 17-year-old IB student from Louisiana, USA, is determined to be on the first human mission to Mars and is using her IB education to fulfil her dreams.

Alyssa has already devoted a lot of time and energy to pursue her dreamof becoming an astronaut. Her current Diploma Programme (DP) studies at Baton Rouge International School are targeted towards a future university degree in astrobiology and for her extended essay, for example, the plan is to choose a Mars-themed subject. 

She has already attended NASA space camps and space shuttle launches, and currently follows a course at an astronaut and space scientist academy in Florida, where she has experienced zero gravity flights among many other things.

“I’m finding opportunities that will benefit me, and I’m building up my resume, so that when I apply for the programme, I have a higher chance of being selected,” Alyssa explains. “Lots of people apply for this programme. It’s a question of finding ways to set yourself apart from the others; to make yourself stick out.”

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