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Over the past 50 years we’ve been proud to work with a community of inspiring people around the world. Our dedicated IB World Schools, students and teachers make a difference every day with the skills and qualities developed through teaching and learning in IB programmes. Here we share some of the highlights from students, schools, IB staff and alumni as they help make the world a better place through education. In light of our 50th anniversary we've also published a new series of featured alumni stories, where IB graduates share their experiences.


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Alumni shaping the future

To celebrate the IB’s 50th anniversary, we’d like you to meet some of our alumni who graduated from the IB Diploma Programme and went on to report from war zones, change the lives of refugees, create beautiful music, and soar through space.

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To celebrate 50 years of the IB, we asked the IB community to complete this sentence: "The IB educator I'd like to thank is ..." and received responses from all over the world.

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Community stories

Follow news from the IB's global community and read about what students, teachers, schools and other members of the community are up to.

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Featured alumni stories

IB alumni are sharing their stories and highlighting what made their own experiences at school so memorable.