Benefits for students

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For MYP students, eAssessments provide a global recognition of expertise, hard work and personal achievement.

Through eAssessment, students will enjoy a richer experience during their final years of MYP study, as teachers will have access to a greater range of contemporary stimulus material and media content for questioning and discussion.

The examination process with eAssessment is positive and highly engaging thanks to its effective use of technology and focus on deeper levels of understanding. Similarly, ePortfolios provide a stimulating and structured unit of study, therefore delivering an appropriate and organic culmination of a student's time in the MYP.

With eAssessment, students have the opportunity to:

  • explore their interest and passions in the personal project so they can start building their academic profile (CV) as they move ahead in school.
  • build contemporary skills valued by higher education and work.


“There is something sort of grown-up in their prepping for and completing the exams. For the first one, they come in and are unsure. By the third assessment, they come in and sit down, they have headphones and scratch paper. This moment of transformation is a rite of passage and an end marker for them.”

Annelies Brabant, MYP coordinator, Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest International School (ISRLO), in Oegstgeest, Netherlands

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“A feature of the MYP that I personally adore is integrity and academic honesty. This feature provides our students with the room to practise creativity and challenge their own thinking process. They learn skills like ensuring they are not plagiarizing their work, which sets them up for success when studying the DP and when they go to university too.”

Hina Chaudry, MYP coordinator, TNS Beaconhouse DHA, Lahore, Pakistan

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“It’s important for the students to understand the connection between effort and achievement at this age. It’s important for them to be able to take joy from and celebrate their achievements, and sometimes it’s an important reality check on ‘I will have to work harder if I intend to meet my own educational goals.’”

Robert Harrison, education strategy director, ACS International Schools, Egham (UK) and Doha (Qatar)

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“The MYP eAssessment aids students in selecting their DP and CP subject choices, they know in what subjects their strengths lie and this supports them in deciding what subjects to study at higher and standard level.”

Martin Keon, MYP coordinator, Swiss International Scientific School of Dubai, UAE

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