Benefits for parents

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With MYP eAssessment results, parents will have more insight into students’ strengths and areas that need improvement, well beyond what traditional end-of-the-semester or multiple-choice tests can provide.

MYP students considering the IB Diploma Programme as the next step in their education further benefit from eAssessment: It provides them with a glimpse of the programme’s expectations, and guidance on which IB DP courses to take the following year.


“ACS parents appreciate the way MYP eAssessment warms their kids up for the DP exams, because many of them see those exams as high-stakes. They like that this data comes back and that eAssessment is moderately low-stakes.”

Robert Harrison, education strategy director, ACS International Schools, Egham (UK)  and Doha (Qatar)

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Parents told MYP coordinator Cijith Jacob , MYP coordinator at Bonn International School (BIS) in Bonn, Germany they enrolled their children at BIS in order for them to be at the forefront of education and they saw the value of eAssessment as a testing method that was beyond regurgitating knowledge.

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“On-screen exams and ePortfolios offer a broader perspective of the real skill set of students at this age. It is not just a snapshot of what they remember to regurgitate on an exam paper on that day.”

A parent of a participating MYP student in Munich, Germany