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Q: Can the full IB diploma be studied online?

A: Yes. The IB is running a new online Diploma Programme pilot in 2022


Q: What are the fees for offering diploma courses online?

A: The usual IB exam registration fees apply, the course fees are set by the course provider. Please visit here for more information.


Q: What are the qualifications of the online teachers?

A: Online teachers must hold qualifications and demonstrate successful experience as IB face-to-face teachers. This includes attending current IB professional development as well as successful training pertinent to online teaching and learning.


Q: How does a school know that an online student is actually attending the class? Do the school, parents and student get regular progress reports?

A: The course provider, Pamoja Education, is required to report current grade averages for all online students on a regular basis. A site-based coordinator will be the main point of contact with the course provider and receive information from the course provider on how to administer the courses, including registering students, retrieving grade reports, communicating with the online instructor, etc. The site-base coordinator will communicate progress reports to the school and parents.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of online courses a DP student can take?

A: There is no rule on a maximum number of online DP courses per student, but careful consideration to the nature of the student and the experience of the school with online courses should be factors in the decision. Currently most students are opting for one or maybe two online DP courses within their Diploma, but in very exceptional cases students have taken three.

For further inquiries contact: dp.online@ibo.org