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The first IB-approved online course provider for the IB Diploma Programme (DP) – since 2010.

As the pioneering partner of the IB, Pamoja has helped the IB to increase global access to the DP since the very beginning.  

Pamoja provides IB approved online DP subject courses for students at IB brick and mortar schools. This allows IB World Schools who don't have a teacher for a specific DP course to offer more DP courses to their students 

By retaining Pamoja services, IB World Schools can:  

  • offer their students more course choice 
  • introduce more flexible timetables 
  • broaden the overall educational experience of students 
  • accommodate newcomers who transfer from another school. 

Pamoja was the first and continues to be the only IB-approved Online Course Provider permitted to deliver DP courses online.  

Through its work with over 750 schools over a 13-year period, Pamoja has supported over 20,000 students in their journey through the IB Diploma Programme. Pamoja continues to develop and deliver innovative ways to provide students and teachers with a collaborative and dynamic online learning experience that supports students in achieving their academic potential.

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