Resources for teachers

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The International Baccalaureate® (IB) provides several resources for Diploma Programme (DP) educators, to help facilitate a better educational experience for teachers and students.

These can be accessed as soon as a school becomes a candidate for authorization as an IB World School.

For example, the IB offers a range of professional development (PD) opportunities for educators, administered online, in-school, at regional events and more. 

You can also find events and workshops to improve your level of expertise, and share your own experiences of the DP through various social networks.

Educators can also make use of readily available resources, such as: 

  • PD courses that cover some of the key areas of the DP curriculum 
  • Nano PD series that can help approach teaching and learning from a new perspective 

Additional information about the programme and its impact are also publicly available in the Digital Toolkit and IB Research webpages.


My IB is our new community’s gateway to IB resources, applications, and communities, that we’ve designed using one username and password. Thousands of educators across the IB community are already registered with My IB. If you already have a username and password for the applications listed below, you can use them to access My IB. If not, take a look at this video that will guide you through registration

  • My School;
  • IBEN Central;
  • or PD provider portal.

Please note: IBIS is not currently available from within My IB. Please continue to use your IBIS user identity, password and PIN.

  • Download IB branded materials

    For schools that have achieved the high standards required for authorization, one of the benefits is to be known as an IB World School and to make use of the IB brand. We produce a range of communications materials, enabling these schools to fully comply with the IB brand.