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The IB believes that access to high-quality education is a right and not a privilege and collaborates with Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) schools to help extend an IB education to all students through the schoolwide adoption of DP courses.

We have collected experiences, discoveries, strategies and lessons learned from these schools, and are working to create informative resources for the IB community and other schools interested in offering the IB framework to all their students. 

A world-class education to all students in authorized DP and CP schools 

Beginning with one course at a time, most commonly Language and Literature, schools have seen an increase in student engagement and outcomes. Teachers new to the IB say they enjoy the way the courses are designed, providing lots of opportunities to support learning.

In August 2023, the IB launched new resources that schools can use to define an implementation strategy to adopt DP courses schoolwide and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) when teaching the DP and CP.  

Become a partner 

We look forward to expanding this initiative by forming new learning partnerships with more authorized DP and CP schools. Are you looking for strategies to extend an IB education to more students?

If your school is already authorized to deliver the DP or CP, but not all your students are participating in the programmes, in January the IB invites you to enroll in a project to offer one or more DP courses schoolwide.

The IB will support each partner school through a year of planning by providing:

  • an experienced lead educator to connect with
  • free Category 1 subject area training for teachers new to the IB
  • a wide range of services and support to advance school readiness to adopt one or more DP courses for all students
  • network with over 100 schools across the US and Canada.

Express your interest 

Share your contact details so we can send you more information. 


Resources for adopting DP courses schoolwide

You can find more information and resources tailored to generate support and ownership from school leaders and decision-makers in our digital toolkit.


The content of this page is currently available in English only. Resources in French and Spanish will be available soon.