Subject-specific seminars

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At the beginning of each calendar year, the IB publishes new subject guides along with other subject resources and organizes subject-specific seminars (SSS) to help educators understand and implement the curriculum.

The subject-specific seminars are professional development events offering comprehensive information and materials for experienced educators in those subject areas to fully familiarize themselves with new changes in the guide. These events also offer a unique opportunity for educators to engage with IB staff and/or members of the curriculum review team.

Attend a subject-specific seminar

Following the publication of new guides for 2024, a number of subject-specific seminars will be organised between February – April 2024:

Diploma Programme

  • Environmental systems and societies
  • Global politics
  • Sports, exercise and health science

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  • Subject-specific seminars are delivered through three different modalities: face-to- face, online and virtual. Online workshops are 3 weeks long.
  • For educators new to the IB or to the DP, we will offer Category 1 workshops from 15 April 2024 onwards. These Category 1 workshops will also focus on the new guide.
  • Category 2 workshops will also be available and focus on the new guide.
  • Subject-specific seminars are not available as a requested workshop