The IB COVID-19 Fund

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COVID-19 continues to disrupt education systems worldwide, and the IB understands the unprecedented challenges and severe financial strain our global community are faced with.


The IB is committed to supporting our candidate and IB World Schools when crises and significant challenges arise. To that end, the current channels for funding, including the COVID-19 fund, are being reviewed to determine the best approach to continue providing support for schools in need. The COVID-19 fund will continue to accept requests until Friday 2 June 2023. More details on the available support moving forward will be published by August 2023.


The COVID-19 Fund, established in May 2020, is a firm step towards protecting our schools from the effects of this health and economic crisis.

The aim of the fund is to support candidate and authorized schools that are financially impacted by the pandemic. The fund is expected to be available through the end of the 2021-22 academic year or until the allotted funds are fully dispersed, whichever occurs first.

Why have a COVID-19 Fund?

The IB is committed to supporting our candidate and IB World Schools during this time of crisis. The Fund enables candidate and IB World Schools to continue implementing and offering IB programmes to their community.

What support is provided?

Financial support is short-term and takes the form of a credit to the school’s IB account. This enables an offset in IB annual fees, candidacy fees, assessment fees, and/or Professional Development fees. Schools are required to submit a report six months after the financial support is provided.

Who is eligible?

Individual schools as well as groups of schools, i.e. state school district authorities, are eligible. Consideration is given to schools experiencing temporary financial difficulties due to COVID-19 for whom the financial support will result in a sustained long-term continuation of the programme. Requests from schools owing money to the IB for more than 120 days at the time of the request will not be considered.

How do schools apply?

To be considered for financial support, heads of school or group of school leaders (e.g. District Superintendent) can contact [email protected] with "Financial support” in the subject line of their request and the details of the specific school challenges due to COVID-19. Requests are reviewed in the order they are received and against eligibility criteria. All requestors are notified via email of the outcome of the review of their request.

Who manages the Fund?

The COVID-19 Fund is managed by the Financial Impact Group (FIG), an advisory group comprised of IB staff, established to consider requests from schools for fiscal relief due to the impact of COVID-19. They are responsible for making recommendations on the provision of financial support from the Fund. Final decisions are made by the COVID-19 Fund Commission (CFC), who meets as needed when cases are escalated for final approval.

How many schools have been supported?

As of November 2021, the IB has supported 250 schools in financial need, by distributing more than $3 million.