Welcome to the IB in the United States of America

The first IB World School in North America was authorized in 1977. Today, there are over 2,400 IB World Schools across the continent.

The United States (USA) is home to over 1,900 IB World Schools offering one or more IB programmes. The country has more IB World Schools than any other country, most of them being public schools





KIPP University Prep Testimonials

The positive impact of an IB education: learn how the IB has transformed this public school community in Texas, where all students are IB students.

College success

Universities in the USA recognize the IB Diploma as a mark of academic excellence. Every year, the IB sends thousands of official transcripts to universities that have admitted IB students.

How does the IB partner with schools?

The IB does not own or manage any schools. Instead, the IB works with schools that have been authorized to offer one or more of our four programmes, known as IB World Schools. These schools: 

  • share the mission and commitment of the IB to quality international education
  • play an active and supporting role in the worldwide community of IB World Schools
  • share their knowledge and experience in the development of the IB programmes
  • are committed to the professional development of teachers and administrators

The IB in public schools

The IB has agreements with several state governments in the United States which cover: 

  • broad educational reform
  • access to IB programmes for all students
  • IB teacher support
  • integration of IB into state systems
  • linking the IB with state higher education