New York

The first IB World School authorized in the State of New York was the United Nations International School (UNIS) in 1978. The first public school authorized to offer IB was Southside High School in 1981. Since then, the IB has grown to 149 authorized schools and 35 schools in candidacy in 2022.

How does the state of New York recognize the IB?

Although there’s currently no legislation that mandates credits for IB courses in the State of New York, higher education institutions across the state recognize the IB Diploma and have their own IB credit policies.

Below you can find current legislative efforts and an overview of all institutions that have accepted IB students in the past five years.

IB association in New York

Guild of IB Schools of the Northeast (GIBS)
Tel: +1 212 724 6360 x 318

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The value of IB Programmes as your NYSED pathway: A conversation for New York nonpublic schools

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