The first IB World School in California was the French American International School authorized in 1978. The first public school authorized was Vista High School in 1982. Since then, the IB has grown to 220 authorized schools, 275 programmes, and 52 programmes in Candidacy (2021). Currently, California leads all other states in the number of IB World Schools and programmes.

How does California recognize the IB?

California has several policies that recognize the IB as an advanced coursework programme. The state provides grants and provisions to schools, educators and students to have access to the IB.

Higher education institutions across California also recognize the IB Diploma and accept transcripts from IB students. Below you can find an overview of all Californian institutions that have accepted IB students in the past five years.

IB association in California

California Association of IB World Schools (CAWS)
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +1 909 896 9557