Universities: Collaborate with the IB

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Universities collaborate with the IB in several ways to help shape the future of education: recognition of IB programmes, the IB educator and leadership certificates, review of DP subjects and research related to the IB.

Recognize IB graduates at your university

The IB assists universities and other institutions with developing effective admissions and recognition policies, so IB students can gain equitable and competitive offers from your institution. We also provide resources and materials to help you recognize IB programmes. 

Recognizing the IB offers universities a unique opportunity to welcome motivated students who are highly prepared to take on university courses and contribute to all aspects of university life. Every year, the IB sends transcripts to more than 5,000 universities in over 100 different countries. The IB works both with universities that accept hundreds of IB students and specialist institutes that accept a smaller number of students. 

Learn more about how to develop an effective admissions and recognition policy to maximize the number of IB students engaged in study at your institution.  

Develop a university recognition policy

If you have developed an admissions or recognition policy, please place a clear statement on your university website for students to find. 

Strengthen your understanding of IB qualifications 

A free self-paced professional development (PD) module is now available to help you and your staff gain insights into the different IB programmes, focusing mostly on DP and CP students. It will provide the information you need to review student applications depending on university, country, and other contexts. Get started now.

Offer IB educator and leadership certificates at your university

Universities and higher-education institutions collaborate with the IB to develop and offer undergraduate teacher preparation programs, master’s degrees, and graduate certificates with components that focus on IB best practices and methodologies. 

Known as IB educator and leadership certificates (IBEC), these university programs of study provide aspiring and existing educators with a deep understanding of the IB mission, vision, and pedagogy, reaching a new generation of educators that share the IB’s values and goals.

The IB currently works with more than 50 leading universities across the world. See our full list of universities and certificates in our University Directory (4.4MB).

To learn more about how your institution can offer the IB educator or leadership certificates at your institution, contact ibec@ibo.org.

Streamlined and simple: IB course recognition

The IB works with universities to streamline the process of aligning a course of study by providing ongoing consultation and connections with the IB community.


  • Stage 1: Expression of interest

    • Submit a formal expression of interest
    • Include a brief description of the course of study
    • Indicate which certificate and IB programme is of interest
  • 2. Application

    • Complete a detailed application form
    • Demonstrate course alignment with academic requirements and consistency of delivery


  • 3. Review

    • Use IB guidelines for aligning IB academic requirements with your course of study
    • Access dedicated IB mentoring throughout the process
    • Receive assistance from the IB by emailing ibec@ibo.org
  • 4. Recognition visit

    • Make a formal request for the IB recognition visit once all university internal validation processes are complete

Participate in Diploma Programme (DP) review of subjects 

The IB regularly undertakes a comprehensive review of our programmes in close collaboration with educational experts from higher education institutions.

We invite university faculty members interested to engage with us in the review of our Diploma Programme (DP). Please contact us at dpdevelopment@ibo.org. 

More information about the DP review of subjects. 

Collaborate with IB researchers

The IB works closely with university researchers from around the world to conduct studies in the development, quality assurance, and impact assessment of IB programmes and services. For more information, contact us. 

Explore current outcomes research, curriculum research and more. 

Receive and evaluate IB transcripts 

The IB provides resources to help you receive and evaluate DP and CP transcripts. Read more. 

Promote your existing connection with the IB 

Universities, ministries of education and other institutions around the world use the IB In Cooperation logo to acknowledge and highlight their support for the IB.

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