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The International Baccalaureate® (IB) works closely with local and national governments to build partnerships and recognize IB programmes within their education policy framework.

Governments recognizing IB programmes increase the quality of their own education systems and policies and help position themselves as leaders in international education. 

Governments that partner or recognize IB programmes gain the following benefits:

  • improve student outcomes and student quality. Studies consistently indicate the positive benefits of an IB education including:
    • performing well academically and often better than their non-IB peers
    • performing well on 21st century skills measures, such as having higher levels of critical thinking than their non-IB peers
    • developing social and emotional characteristics
    • outperforming their non-IB peers on post-secondary measures
  • make their country or state’s post-secondary education institutions a more attractive destination for international students
  • provide greater opportunities for their national students to study post-secondary education abroad
  • position themselves as an international leader in education, joining 150 countries where IB programmes are offered.

Government partnerships

The IB has established unique agreements with governments in countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Germany. 

The IB offers various services to governments who partner with us. Government services include:

  • Data and reporting
  • Support with programme recognition needs, including updates and course lists
  • Seminars for government staff, which look at IB programmes and specifics including curriculum and assessment
  • Collaboration on government research
  • Marketing services, which encourage the authorization of new schools as a means of meeting government goals
  • Advocacy for legislation and policies that support the introduction of IB programmes.
  • If you would like to learn more about partnering with the IB, contact us.

Government recognition

The IB offers services to help you create, renew, extend or enhance your recognition statements. 

Governments across the world recognize IB programmes in several ways:

  • by allowing IB programmes to be taught in a school
  • by providing financial support to schools and students for the delivery, implementation and outcomes of IB programmes
  • by providing equivalency to national programmes such as IB programmes being accepted as a school graduation certificate or in place of a university entrance exam
  • by providing incentives for students with IB programmes at university such as on admissions, credit or scholarships
  • by allowing IB subjects to be used to demonstrate minimum attainment such as for maths or language.

If you would like to introduce IB schools to your area, contact us. 

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