Add a university recognition policy to our portal

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Add your university’s recognition policy to our university portal and help students take the next step after graduation.

Each year over 5,000 universities in over 100 countries receive IB students’ admission applications and transcripts. Students, parents, counsellors and other visitors come to the IB public website for guidance on how universities recognize the IB. 

How can I add my university recognition policy

Each university can add their recognition statement through our university portal.

Universities can enter information for the following areas:

  • General university information: including scholarships and specialty programmes
  • DP admissions requirements: including mathematics and language proficiency requirements
  • DP courses requirements
  • CP requirements
  • MYP requirements
  • Advanced standing/ credit

To edit or add statements you will need to access the university portal. This is automatically granted to the Institute Administrator. To enter the university portal, Institute Administrators and Policy Users can do so via MyIB, using the “My recognition statement” button.

If a different member of your university will be responsible for creating and maintaining the recognition policy, that person will apply for the Policy User role. Each university can have one Institute Administrator and one Policy User. To apply for these roles, use this guide.

Use these tools to complete your statement:

  • The university portal guide (PDF, 1.4 MB): step-by-step instructions on each section, as well as useful sample statements and tips.
  • Blank recognition statements form (DOCX, 74 KB): you can use this form to collaborate with other colleagues on the content before adding your statement through the portal. The form contains tooltips, but for additional sample statements and information we recommend using the guide above as well.
  • IB Webinar on Recognition Statements Portal: this recoding will help you understand the platform better. During the webinar we discuss the purpose of the platform, how to access it, and how to add your university’s statement to the portal.

Benefits of adding a university recognition policy to the portal

More than 600,000 visitors come to the University admission section on the IB website each year, including students, parents and counsellors who want to understand how IB students can transition to the university of their choice. Universities can not only present their IB recognition/admissions policy to the wider public but also encourage IB students to apply by adding their admissions information to the university portal. The portal allows visitors to research individual universities’ admissions criteria regarding IB courses, grades or subjects.


For any questions or additional support regarding access to the university portal or the recognition statements platform please contact