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Middle Years Programme (MYP) subject briefs

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Diploma Programme (DP) subject briefs

DP subject briefs: COVID-19 adaptations for May 2021 and November 2021

As a result of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic the IB has decided to make appropriate adaptations to May 2021 and November 21 assessments, whilst maintaining the coverage of learning objectives for each subject. Therefore, the tables in each of the Subject Briefs below  which state the Marks, Weightings and Examination Lengths for a normal session will not apply for these two upcoming exam sessions. We have therefore created this reference document, covering all subjects, which summarises:

  • adjustments made to examination times for components that have been adapted for May and November 2021
  • modified marks and weightings, where appropriate and applicable, for components adapted for May and November 2021.

To ensure the continued quality of subject-specific and programme-wide student outcomes, all weightings have been carefully evaluated to ensure equity and reliability for grade award.

Where there have been no adaptations in a subject, the established guide marks and weightings have not been changed. For subjects that do have adaptations for M21/N21, these principles have guided the determination of weightings:

  • They are proportional to the M21/N21 adaptations within each subject.
  • The necessary balance between externally and internally-assessed components, including both examinations and coursework components, has been accounted for.
  • Differentiation between standard and higher level (SL/HL), where appropriate, has been maintained.

As a result of the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic the IB has decided to make appropriate adaptations to May 2022 and November 2022 assessments.

The adjustments are the same to those in May 2021 and November to provide a consistency of approach for schools and also universities.

The only exception is where subject curriculum is being examined for the first time, e.g. Economics HL/SL. Information on these adaptations can be found here and for those subjects supercede 2021 adaptations. The document should be read in conjunction with the link above in the 2021 section.

For more information about our DP subject briefs, please click the links below for SL/HL.

Diploma Programme (DP) subject briefs: SL & HL

Language and literature
Language A: literature SL/HL (last assessment 2020)
Language A: literature SL & HL (first assessment 2021)
Language A: language and literature SL/HL (last assessment 2020)
Language A: language and literature SL & HL (first assessment 2021)
Literature and performance SL & HL

Language acquisition
Classical languages SL & HL
Language B SL & HL
Language ab initio SL & HL

Individuals and societies
Business management SL/HL
Digital society SL & HL
Economics SL/HL (first assessment 2022)
Geography SL & HL
Global Politics  SL/HL
History SL/HL
Information technology in a global society SL/HL
Philosophy SL/HL
Psychology SL & HL
Social and cultural anthropology SL & HL
World religions SL

Biology SL/HL
Chemistry SL/HL
Computer Science SL/HL
Design technology SL/HL
Environmental systems and societies SL
Nature of Science – Pilot SL
Physics SL/HL
Sports, exercise and health science SL & HL

Further mathematics HL (last assessment 2020)
Mathematical studies SL (last assessment 2020)
Mathematics SL/HL (last assessment 2020)
Mathematics: analysis and approaches SL & HL (first assessment 2021)
Mathematics: applications and interpretation SL & HL (first assessment 2021)

Dance SL/HL
Film SL & HL
Music SL & HL (first assessment 2022)
Theatre SL & HL
Visual arts SL/HL

The core
Creativity, activity, service 
Extended Essay
Theory of Knowledge (last assessment 2021)
Theory of Knowledge (first assessment 2022)

School-based Syllabus

An SBS is a DP course that has been proposed and developed, in close collaboration with the IB, by an IB World School that has completed at least two examination sessions. An SBS provides an opportunity for a school to develop a course that is not otherwise offered by the IB and that meets the particular needs of their students. An SBS must be officially approved by the IB before it may be offered by a school.

  • Art history
  • Astronomy
  • Brazilian social studies
  • Classical Greek and Roman studies
  • Food science and technology
  • Marine science
  • Modern history of Kazakhstan
  • Political thought
  • Turkey in the 20th century
  • World arts and cultures

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