The applicability and impact of using the IB learner profile as a framework for discussing bulling in the MYP: Lessons from a practice-based research project

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Michael Lynch—Bladins International School of Malmö (Sweden)

The aim of this paper is to present the results of a small-scale research project conducted in a Swedish IB International School with Middle Years Programme (MYP) students. This research used an experimental design to examine the applicability and impact of using the IB’s Learner Profile (LP) as a structure for modulating a program on discussing and preventing bullying in the MYP. The applicability and impact were measured using a mixed-method approach that reflected the views of the students and the teachers involved. The paper will first present the rationale and background to the study, including the research questions. It will then give an overview of the literature associated with bullying prevention and the IB philosophy. The next section will explain the process of putting the modules together, followed by a presentation of the methods and methodology used to gather the data in this research. It will then move on to an analysis of the data and finally identify the lessons learned in terms of applying the LP as a framework for discussing bullying.

Executive summary (PDF, 201 KB)