Dilemmas and challenges in IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) implementation: A case study of Swedish MYP schools and the impact of Swedish school laws

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Jayson Williams—International School of the Gothenburg Region (Sweden)

This study provides an exploration into the dilemmas and challenges experienced when implementing and developing the IB Middle Years Programme within schools. It examines two schools within the Swedish school system: one an international school in name, classified as a public school, and the other a ‘friskola’ or an independent school. This paper discusses commonalities between new cases and the cases being studied, with further discussion regarding Swedish educational laws and the impact on the implementation of the MYP. The study raised a number of key considerations including an urgent need for a review of the categorization of Swedish schools. Inconsistent categorization has led to the questioning of Swedish schools’ public data and its reliability.

Executive summary (PDF, 260 KB)