The learning community

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The IB unites a worldwide community of learners who believe that education can help to connect and build a better, more peaceful world. Schools offering the Primary Years Programme (PYP) bring a shared commitment to the IB’s mission through the learning community.

The IB learning community views the world as the broadest context for learning, where everyone involved in the life of the school is recognized: students and their families, all school staff members, other important adults in the students’ lives and the community at large.

Learning communities build shared understandings and agreements for highest quality learning and teaching, and for the well-being of their members. In PYP schools, these understandings and agreements encourage critical and creative thinking through continual inquiry, action and reflection, which places students at the heart of learning. A clear purpose and shared understandings lead to the outcome of an IB education. PYP schools support children to:

  • develop knowledge, conceptual understandings and approaches to learning
  • become internationally-minded individuals
  • develop the attributes of the IB learner profile.

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