Eddie Bannayan – Amman, Jordan

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Eddie Bannayan completed the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and IB Diploma Programme (DP) at the Amman Baccalaureate School, Jordan.

Eddie Bannayan

Why did you choose the MYP and DP?

I chose the DP because I think it is a great continuation from the MYP that I’ve also done. I think the MYP builds a great base for you and gives you the skills that you’re supposed to acquire, and then when you go into the IB you’re ready to apply those skills into real-life situations, which I think is great. I’ve heard about the DP through my teachers and my parents who recommended the programme to me.

What was most memorable about the IB?

My most memorable experience has to be doing my higher-level subjects and interacting with my teachers who were very supportive of me. I really chose my subjects based on what I solely love, every single one, so I think going into that was very memorable. Being able to learn what I love and apply it back to my real life was very rewarding and very memorable.

What has been your favorite subject so far?

My favorite subject definitely has to be economics at a higher level. I’m very interested in the social sciences and everything that goes on with studying human behavior, everything about the economy, about money; so I think it was very rewarding to be able to understand everything in terms of the economy. It helped me not only understand about the economy, but understand a bit of how humans work in terms of surviving and living, so I think it’s a very interesting subject.

Would you recommend the programme(s) to other students? Why?

I would definitely recommend the DP and the IB in general to other students. I think it’s very rewarding in terms of personal growth and in terms of the knowledge you acquire—it's tremendous—and the depth that you take these subjects in is really helpful and will really help you in your future careers and your real life.