University of the People M.Ed. in Advanced Teaching

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As announced in October of 2018, the IB has collaborated with the University of the People (UoPeople) to launch a tuition-free, online Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree to decrease costs and increase accessibility to exemplary teacher education programs. The M.Ed. offers teachers across the world an opportunity to further their careers, regardless of what they can afford and where they teach.

The degree focuses on developing globally-minded educators with in-depth knowledge of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment to support student-directed inquiry, interdisciplinary learning, intercultural competence, and critical thinking. Graduates will attain a degree which reflects the IB’s approaches to teaching and learning, growing the pool of IB-ready teachers and decreasing professional development costs.

The IB believes that teachers should have access to high quality education, so students everywhere have the best opportunity to become learners. Together, the IB and UoPeople are creating alternate means of education for anyone who wants to learn.

Program details

The degree requires students to complete 13 courses, including a capstone course.  There is a $60 application fee and $240 assessment fee required per course. The total degree cost is $3,120. The IB will be awarding scholarships to enrolled students who submit applications that demonstrate a commitment to education and the ideals of the IB. More information on this is to follow.

To request more information or apply for the UoPeople M.Ed. program, please visit UoPeople’s website here.  All IB and non-IB educators are welcome to apply.

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University of the People M.Ed. in Advanced Teaching

In 2020, the IB is collaborating with the University of the People (UoPeople) to award 80 scholarships to complete a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree. Educators from anywhere in the world are eligible to apply. Find out more about the scholarship including eligibility and how to apply.


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