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The IB is proud of its commitment to provide challenging and unique programmes of education to schools around the world.

In an ever-growing number of countries, IB schools develop students to be internationally minded, courageous risk takers and critical thinkers—creating a better world through education. The IB offers students around the globe the best international education, irrespective of their background or the kind of school they attend. During our 50th anniversary year, hundreds of students at schools in countries all over the world worked together to develop practical solutions to the world's greatest problems. We showcased them on social media—IB students engaging with the world to make it a better place.

  • #generationIB: seeking solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges

    During our 50th anniversary year, we asked students to come together to seek solutions for some of humanity’s greatest challenges across areas such as the environment, migration and health, and nutrition.

  • Strengthening access to an IB education

    The IB, together with its schools and other partners in education, always strives towards access and inclusiveness for students of all abilities and backgrounds. This has been particularly evident in 2018.

  • Transforming schools in Chicago

    In Chicago, the IB—together with Chicago Public Schools (CPS)—has had a transformative impact on students and teachers.

  • Growing number of Career-related programme schools worldwide

    Schools around the world continue to implement the Career-related Programme to broaden their offer.