IB Annual Review

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The International Baccalaureate (IB) Annual Review presents progress made in fulfilling the IB’s overall mission to build a better world through education, based on key performance indicators.

In the past, the IB has made our Annual Review available in a digital format, that includes a web and PDF version of our Key Performance Indicators (previously the annual review document), our Financial Overview and stories from the IB’s global community—showcasing our different areas of impact.

As of 2022, the Annual Review will be presented in a letter from the Director General to the IB community, highlighting key initiatives of the past year. 

The IB's Financial Overview

The IB's Financial Overview provides an income summary and growth figures for each fiscal year.

What’s covered in the Annual Review?

The review outlines the progress that has been made against the IB’s mission. In the review, the following achievements and initiatives were outlined.

  • Developing programmes for the students of today and tomorrow
  • Creating opportunities for sharing ideas and best practices
  • Delivering what schools really need
  • Planning the future on the strength of research
  • Expanding the reach of IB programmes
  • Committing to the development of educators

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