Understanding assessment during COVID-19

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Schools, teachers and students around the world continue to experience tremendous challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These challenges were at the forefront of our minds as we prepared for awarding results during the November 2021 session using a dual assessment model. Results were released on 2 January 2021. Read more here.

May 2022 examination update

The IB has made adaptations to help address the challenges caused by the pandemic, including adjustments to assessment, which have been extended to examinations in 2022.

The IB strongly believes that students sitting examinations wherever possible is the best method to assess student capability. The IB expects schools to make all reasonable efforts to administer the examinations. 

We also recognize there will be circumstances that prevent the administration of exams, or that students may need to quarantine at short notice, and in those cases, the IB will use the developed procedure to award grades without exams as a contingency measure.

The IB realizes that each student or school will be in a unique situation and has measures available to ensure that each candidate is awarded grades.

We will ensure that the impact of the global pandemic will be considered throughout the grade awarding process for May 2022.

Students should contact their coordinator for more information about their school's circumstances.  

For more information about how assessment data is processed, please read our privacy policy.