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World Academy of Sport (WAoS) provides learning pathways for participants in the international sport sector through exceptional education programmes and partners. WAoS also works to establish and maintain strong partnerships which provide opportunities for individuals and organisations to participate in international education programmes from the age of 16 onwards.

The WAoS and the International Baccalaureate (IB) partnership already provides support to student-athletes, particularly in the provision of additional flexibility and time to complete the IB Diploma Programme or the IB Career-related Programme.

WAoS also now offers alongside Federation University the opportunity to jointly offer to IB World Schools an IB career-related study in International Sports Management. Federation University with its main campus in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia for over 150 years, has been committed to helping students reach their full potential. Through industry connections and university rankings, graduates are among the most employable.

The sport management industry is diverse and offers students a fulfilling career with a range of job opportunities in varying specialised fields. Valued at approximately USD $700 billion, the global sport industry continues to demand internationally qualified and highly connected professionals.

Career-related studies (CRS), International Sport Management (ISM)

This learning pathway is designed to provide students an advantage by fast-tracking their studies into higher education.  

The CRS International Sport Management offers students practical, real-world approaches to learning designed to prepare them for higher education and the industry. Students will engage in career-related learning while gaining transferable and lifelong skills in applied knowledge, critical thinking, communication, and cross-cultural engagement. 

Students undertaking the CRS are provided with the opportunity to study courses from a globally recognised degree. These courses are taught by lecturers with expertise in the sporting industry, equipping students with the foundational skills to have a future career in sport management, from events to digital marketing to fan engagement to sponsorship to club and player management. 

Students undertaking the career related studies will participate in the following first year undergraduate courses from the International Sport Management degree: 

Introduction to International Sport Management  This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the practical application of core sport management principles within the context of international and national sport sector including non-profit and professional sports organisations. 
Sport Performance Management  This course is designed to introduce students to the disciplines and professions within sport science and their role in sport performance, athlete welfare and wellbeing. The coordination process to facilitate the deployment of the most appropriate sports sciences/ performance services at the most appropriate time will be considered throughout the course.
Managing Sport Development  This course provides students with an introduction to theoretical knowledge in the area of sport development and a basic understanding of the effective practical ways to implement this knowledge through practical casstudies across various countries and International Sport Federations. 

CRS, ISM: Structure for a CP student 

Below is an example of how the CRS, International Sport Management could be structured for a CP student: 

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 CP core ISM Weekly Online Activities ISM Weekly Online Activities ISM Virtual Class DP subject
2 CP core ISM Independent Learning ISM Weekly Online Activities ISM Independent Learning DP subject
3 Whole school pastoral programme  DP subject ISM Independent Learning DP subject CP core
4 DP subject  DP subject ISM Independent Learning DP subject ISM Independent Learning
5 DP subject DP subject ISM Independent Learning ISM Independent Learning  ISM Independent Learning

A student's weekly time allocation requirements to complete one CRS, ISM course may look like the following example

  • For students to engage with the online learning material (listen to video presentations and complete online learning activities) – 3-hour block scheduled weekly over 12 weeks to align with the number of topics (i.e. one topic covered each week). 
  • For students to engage with the lecturer in a virtual class (MS Teams) to consolidate understanding of content – 1 hour block scheduled weekly over 12 weeks. Depending on the time zone, this session may need to be scheduled early in the morning or later in the afternoon.  
  • For students to undertake independent learning/researching, planning and completion of assessment tasks would require approximately 100 hours spread over 12-14 weeks. A mixture of these hours could be completed during school hours and after hours as homework. If all of these hours were to be scheduled during school hours over 12 weeks, then students would need 8 hours of classes scheduled.  

Please note the timetable example is in 1-hour blocks. 

What schools say about the CRS

"Having the World Academy of Sport (WAoS) and the Federation University work together to provide this opportunity in International Sports Management is what our schools were looking for. This Career-related Study (CRS) option is just what our students need to take them further in their studies of international sports management and they get university credit for completing the programme." – Stewart Redden, Teaching & Learning Advisor, English Schools Foundation, Hong Kong 

University Recognition 

Students completing the CRS, International Sport Management courses will receive on successful completion a non-award bearing certificate for each CRS course along with the IB Career-related Programme if they successfully meet all the requirements. This mode of delivery allows students to fast track their transition to university as they will be studying within the context as a university student for the CRS courses with an international community of CRS learners.   

Students will also receive credit and direct entry into the Bachelor of International Sport Management at Federation University. This innovative degree has been designed so that students can complete this degree fully online based on the most advanced instructional design approaches applied to an online degree.  

WAoS and Federation University are able to assist with recognition for school enquires of students wishing to attend specific universities of interest. For more information on the Bachelor of International Sport Management, please visit:  


More information 

The CRS offering is delivered in English.

Find more information and contact details to discuss the needs of your schools and students in relation to this CRS offering. We look forward to hearing from you.