Diploma Programme courses

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Every student in the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Career Programme (CP) studies a minimum of two IB Diploma Programme (DP) courses.

Each school selects the DP courses it offers to students as part of the CP. They can choose from six subject groups:

  • Language acquisition.
  • Studies in language and literature.
  • Individuals and societies.
  • Sciences.
  • Mathematics.
  • The arts.

How many subjects do students take?

It is possible to study more than two DP courses, depending on the nature of the student’s career-related studies and timetable.

CP students can enrol in the authorized DP courses online. These courses are offered, via the student's IB World School, by Pamoja Education Ltd.

How are DP courses selected?

IB World Schools select a number of DP courses as part of the CP framework. These courses can come from any of the subject groups in the DP and may be studied at standard or higher level.

The DP courses chosen should be relevant to the student’s career-related studies so that academic and professional skills are developed together to provide a connected skillset relevant to a future career.

Learn more about the DP, or find out to become authorized to implement the CP.