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Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) is the leading Swiss-based Business School that inspire international students to become responsible leaders. SUMAS promotes the practice of sustainability in all areas of business management to provide students with the knowledge and skills to lead the green transition and develop business as it should be.

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SUMAS is a private, not-for-profit business school with eco-conscious campuses located at the Swiss Conservation Center by Lake Geneva and in the vibrant fashion district of Milan, Italy. SUMAS students have the option to pursue livestreaming studies or create a personalized combination of various campus experiences. As the first business school in the world to offer Bachelor's degrees and MBAs in Sustainability Management, SUMAS brings together industry academics, experts and innovators to deliver an exceptional and essential education to support and develop the future of sustainable business.

SUMAS Career-related Studies® Business & Sustainability

SUMAS Career-related Studies® Business & Sustainability equip students with the fundamentals of sustainability and leadership, combining these with practical experience with international organisations and companies to bring complex business challenges to ambitious students. SUMAS CrS® students specialize in one of six pathways for the Applied Component, choosing from Nature Conservation, Sustainable Fashion, Sustainable Hospitality, Sustainable Culinary Art, Sustainable Tourism or Sustainable Finance and Digitalization. Theoretical studies, real-life projects with executives and livestreaming sessions balance academic rigour and practical application. At the end of the programme, students gain a solid understanding of industry-wide sustainable business management as well as specific hands-on experience in their chosen pathway.

After successfully completing the SUMAS CrS® students receive 21 university credits. This allows them to fast-track their SUMAS Bachelor’s studies and complete them in just 5 semesters.

SUMAS CrS® Course Content

To implement sustainable practice requires confident action from responsible leaders. The SUMAS CrS® courses are designed to teach the fundamentals of sustainable project management, sustainable innovation and leadership skills, utilizing distance learning and livestreaming in global classrooms.

CrS® Fundamental Courses
240 guided learning hours of CrS® Courses in class (equivalent to one High Level subject within the IB program).

Applied Component

150 hours of applied learning (equivalent to one Standard Level subject within the IB Program). This component is made up of the Sustainability Leadership Experience / Camp and an Integrative Project Experience in collaboration with industry partners provided by SUMAS.

The Integrative Project Experience can also blend with a Green Camp, offering a 5 to 10-day excursion in Switzerland (Lake Geneva area) and/or Italy (Milan). This in-person experience is optional.

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SUMAS CrS® Sample School IBCP Timetable

The following timetable is a week view of a sample CP student timetable with SUMAS CrS from one of our partner schools.


Download SUMAS CrS Sample School IBCP Timetable


Program Delivery

SUMAS CrS® in Business & Sustainability is delivered through distance learning and livestreaming sessions. SUMAS professors and executives use a variety of tools, including simulations, forums, case studies, video analysis and class discussions.

Students will be seamlessly connected with peers worldwide to share their project ideas and engage with company leaders and guest speakers.

Student testimonials

Minkyu Robin Kim completed the IB Career-related Programme Business & Sustainability with SUMAS CrS® in 2021. He is currently studying Supply Chain and Management Information System at the University of Pennsylvania.


Oleksiy Varlamov completed the IBCP Business & Sustainability with SUMAS CrS® in 2021. He is currently studying Environmental Ethics at the University of Toronto.


Students from various SUMAS CrS pathways are sharing their experiences and how the SUMAS CrS helped them in their personal and professional development.

School testimonial

SUMAS CrS programme is that the course offers so much more than just the business management, emphasising the forward way of thinking, operating and governing the business, the ultimate business model that every organisation, company and business entities should follow and adopt. The course challenges students to think about the notion of sustainability and the achievement of a balance between economic progress, ecological equilibrium, and social equity. Another strength of the programme is the flexibility and adaptability offered by SUMAS whereby students feel supported, listened to and challenged to bring out the best of their potential and capability.”

– Wilma Shen, IBCP Coordinator, Renaissance College, Hong Kong

I like the relevant and forward-thinking angle that the SUMAS Career-related Studies® takes in terms of helping students know how to lead for change. As an IB school our students are well versed in sustainable thinking and therefore it is great to have an academic course and qualification on offer for students that want to pursue an interest in this area.”

– Lisa McSweeney, IBCP Coordinator, Fairgreen International School, Dubai


University recognition

SUMAS CrS® “Business & Sustainability” is valued by Universities across the world due to its Academic Strength. SUMAS CrS Alumni have been accepted at more than 70 Universities worldwide.

SUMAS issues each student who successfully completes the SUMAS CrS® Business & Sustainability with a full business school transcript and certificate of achievement, in addition to the CP certificate issued by the IBO. The academic rigor of the SUMAS CrS® Business & Sustainability is also recognized to the value of 21 University credits in the SUMAS Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

The University of Sterling accepts SUMAS CrS graduates in the following departments:

  • BA (Hons) Business Studies
  • BSc (Hons) Management
  • BSc (Hons) Environmental Geography
  • BSC (Hons) Environmental Science

“We recognize the High School students completing the IB Career-related Programme with a Business and Sustainability vocation component, developed by Sustainability Management School (SUMAS), as fulfilling the entry requirements to a range of HE courses at this institution when combined alongside other qualifications.

As a business school with a specific focus on sustainability, SUMAS programs provide students with the knowledge and competencies necessary in becoming responsible managers.”

– Heather Macleod Jones, Admissions Policy and Compliance Officer, The University of Sheffield.

“The Environmental Science and Sustainability Programme Director and Deputy Head of Admissions have agreed that we will accept this IBCP course for Year 1 entry to the Environment Science and Sustainability course.”

– Stacey McAuslan, Senior Admissions Officer, University of Glasgow

Additional information

SUMAS Green Camps

SUMAS organizes Green Camps in Switzerland and Italy. Those camps are tailored for IBCP and IBDP students to engage in immersive experiences focused on sustainability. Students learn about eco-conscious practices and develop the skills needed to become responsible leaders.  

SUMAS Green Camps Information

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