IB leadership certificates

All teachers transform theory into practice, but IB teachers go beyond. Grounded in a global mindset, IB teachers are catalysts for infusing higher-order thinking skills into a new generation of learners.

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Those certified in IB leadership can inspire and guide a school community to implement and sustain IB programmes at IB World Schools. IB certificates in leadership affirm the principles and practices associated with leading in the wider IB community as well as within an IB World School. The IB’s leadership framework offers two distinct leadership development experiences for IB certification.

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Empowering leaders in international education

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IB certificate in leadership practice

The IB certificate in leadership practice is designed for educators and administrators who want to improve their leadership capabilities in an IB context. Participants develop and refine their capacity to play a role in guiding a school through IB authorization.

IB advanced certificate in leadership research

The IB advanced certificate in leadership research provides a more profound understanding of leadership responsibilities and capabilities through rigorous investigative work. It includes research within IB leadership contexts as well as deep reflection on the students’ own leadership practice.

To gain either an IB certificate in leadership practice or an IB advanced certificate in leadership research, simply enroll in a program of study at one of our IB-recognized universities [6.4 MB] . Upon completion of your program of study, you may register for the applicable certificate with the IB. 

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