Education innovation

The IB has been at the forefront of education since our founding in 1968 and continues to shape international learning to this day.

We continue to build on our learning methodology that moves past knowledge transfer to knowledge use, analysis and innovation. 

We empower IB employees to do the same and encourage innovative approaches to help improve outcomes for our global community. 


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Lauren Marar

“I love working with people across the world, hearing about inspiring IB students and their projects and seeing a growing interest in expanding access to IB curriculum in public schools and to underserved students.” — Lauren Marar, Senior Data Analyst, Washington DC



The IB conducts regular review cycles for all programmes including a recent comprehensive Diploma Programme (DP review) that looks to evolve our approach to innovation by ensuring our flagship programme continues to provide the best possible learning experience and preparation for students.  

The IB’s strategy commits to evolving our programmes to continue to meet the needs of today’s young people.



The implementation of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) eAssessment  caters to the broad community of nationalities and students’ varied learning needs. 

This move from paper-based to electronic assessments is also expanding to include the DP and CP.

Keeping up with best practices in student-led assessment promotes student agency and self-efficacy.

Hybrid learning

Fostering a sense of belonging became more crucial than ever when remote learning became the new normal. Hashtags #IBtogether and #IBart provided online platforms for students and schools to share artwork and strengthen bonds in difficult circumstances.

The IB supports teachers with remote and hybrid learning opportunities through professional development workshops as well as global and regional conferences

The IB recently launched a fully online DP pilot with the aim to improve access to learning. Through this pilot programme we will explore how a fully online DP can benefit our global community.

Community support

The IB continuously makes investments to improve our community support systems and deliver essential benefits for our community, such as upgrading our assessment information system and adapting assessment delivery in today’s challenging learning and teaching environment.

The IB continues to provide updated information, guidance and resources to help our students, teachers, schools and communities through a COVID-19 microsite.

Dalit Halevi

“There is never a boring day! The IB is always one step ahead of the next great idea and we are always looking toward the future. That encourages me to continue adapting to change and implementing it efficiently.” — Dalit Halevi, IBEN (IB educator network) Senior Manager, Washington DC


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