Diploma Programme guide for parents

The Diploma Programme (DP) is a two-year international education programme that prepares students age 16–19 years for university and higher education. It also prepares students to become creative problem-solvers and lifelong independent thinkers, equipped to succeed in a rapidly changing and increasingly global society.

Why the Diploma Programme?

DP students complete courses from six subject groups, ensuring a depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding.  

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University and beyond

The DP is uniquely designed to support all students for success going into, and throughout, university. 

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How does the DP compare to other qualifications?

A study by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) in the UK concluded that IB graduates were more likely to enroll in one of the UK’s top 20 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), when compared to A-level and other student  groups with similar qualifications.   

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Strengths of DP assessment

The IB is committed to testing relevant thinking skills by creating meaningful tasks that allow the student to show their understanding of the subject—not just their memory skills.

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IB diploma graduates

IB students reflect diverse experiences and perspectives, attend IB World Schools in 147 countries representing an even broader range of nationalities.

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