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The Diploma Programme (DP) is uniquely designed to support all students for success going into, and throughout, university. It is offered in a large number of schools across the world, including private, independent, international, and state-funded schools.

DP graduates are well-equipped to adjust, engage and succeed. They graduate with analytical, writing, communication and presentation skills; research experience; excellent organization and time management; the ability to approach a topic from multiple perspectives; and a deep understanding of academic concepts. This provides an excellent foundation for them to prosper at their chosen university.

By challenging students to complete their studies across the DP curriculum and demonstrate proficiency through a wide range of internationally best practiced assessments, students who earn the IB diploma excel at universities all around the world, regardless of their personal circumstances.

University admissions

Because of the striking geographical, cultural and linguistic diversity of DP schools and students, universities across the globe can recruit a broad range of students from diverse backgrounds while remaining confident in the quality and consistency of their pre-university academic experience and credentials.

A study by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) in the UK concluded that IB graduates were more likely to enroll in one of the UK’s top 20 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), when compared to A-level and other student groups with similar qualifications.

IB students also were more likely to receive honours degrees or awards, continue on to further studies, and be employed in graduate level positions and higher-paid occupations.

The Chicago Postsecondary Transition Project has studied the impact of Chicago's IB programmes on post-secondary outcomes and experiences of graduates. DP graduates, compared to similar non-DP graduates, were not only more likely to enroll in university, but also more likely to enroll in selective universities, to stay enrolled, and to perform better throughout their studies.

The study included 18,075 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) graduates from 12 high schools throughout the city that offered the DP programme, mostly serving low income, racially diverse students.


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