Professional development

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) provides leading professional development for educators working in the Americas.

We offer face-to-face and online workshops, webinars, blended learning and e-learning resources. Our professional development aims to:

  • support the professional growth of teachers and administrators
  • improve classroom practice and student learning
  • develop communities of lifelong learners.

Workshops in the Americas

Workshops are held every month of the year. IB Americas hosts regional workshops for schools implementing IB programmes. Find a workshop near you.

IB Americas collaborates with 22 workshop providers [86 KB]  across the region, offering wide access, affordability and choice. 

Read about the required materials at IB-hosted regional workshops.

Opportunities for schools in Latin America

The IB is looking for schools in Latin America to host regional events, in order to bring the IB to different schools so that they can share best practice. Host schools receive two free enrollments to each workshop they hold. 

Any authorized school, in Latin America, is encouraged to apply. 

Please complete the application form [303 KB] 

Workshop calendars

To support your annual planning, the IB has created professional development calendars for the Americas region.

Browse June-December 2018 PD workshops by date and event location and use the provided web links in the calendars to register online for the PD workshop(s) that you select.

Download programme-specific calendars for 2018 via the buttons below.

Download the 2018 PYP Workshop Schedule Download the 2018 MYP Workshop Schedule Download the 2018 DP Workshop Schedule Download the 2018 CP Workshop Schedule

In-school workshops

Is an in-school workshop event right for your school?  Complete the following checklist to find out.

*Looking to train a large group of teachers from multiple schools? Click here to find out if a cluster/district workshop event is right for you.

Ready to request an in-school workshop?

The request deadlines for in-school workshops, depending on the time of year the workshop will take place, are located in the table below.

The IB reviews all workshop requests on a rolling basis and will respond by 45 days after each request deadline.

Click here for  step-by-step guidance on using IBIS to make a request [1.2 MB] . If you don't have an IBIS login, please contact IB Answers.

Proposed workshop date Submission deadline Confirmation of acceptance
November-January 1 July 15 August
February-April 1 October 15 November
May-July 1 January 15 February
August-October 1 April 15 May
Introductory in-school workshops

Professional development requirements for authorization mandate that all staff of MYP and CP* applicant schools attend the “Launching the MYP” or “Launching the CP” workshop. These introductory in-school workshops are managed differently than Category 1, 2, and 3 in-school workshops, and do not require the submission of an application through IBIS/Regis. For more information on the pricing and to learn how these workshops are managed, please see our Launching the MYP and Launching the CP: Workshop Information [143 KB] .

*Staff of CP candidate schools that also offer the Diploma Programme are not required to attend this workshop.

Cluster/district workshops

In Canada and the United States, the IB helps school districts to organize on-site workshops for a network of schools, in order to provide professional development to a large number of educators and to help schools save on costs.

Each district workshop must have at least 75 participants. Currently, the IB cannot accept district workshop applications from countries other than Canada and the United States. 

For more information or to request a cluster/district application please contact Kaitlyn Kooser.

Contact the team 

If you have any questions about professional development in the Americas, please email us.