Student and alumni speakers

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Look back at the student and alumni speakers sharing their personal stories with the audience at the IB Global Conference Orlando 2017.

Alumni: Meghan and Lauren Beadle

“In college and beyond people proudly declare that they were once IB student, thus creating a great common interest when networking.” — Meghan Beadle 

“We place tremendous value on the education we receive and attribute many of our successes to the IB.” — Lauren Beadle


Alumnus: Brandon White

“The IB was moulding my perspective about my place in the world and the value of what I could contribute to others.” — Brandon White


Alumna: Osiris Mancera

“Say the right things, use your voice to uplift the voices who aren’t permitted one. Use it for those minoritized and cast aside.” — Osiris Mancera


Student: Rishi Nair

“Failures are always stepping stones to success”. — Rishi Nair


Alumna and teacher: Tazeen Rashid

“This past year we’ve collaborated with a low-income school in India. […] And right now we have a penpal system where [the students] are interacting, and amazingly enough they find out that they have more in common with them, than differences.” — Tazeen Rashid