Opening minds around the world

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Over the last year, educators shared some of the benefits of international-mindedness, and how they nurture their students to be internationally minded.

cardWhat is international-mindedness? How can it be defined? Why is it useful? Many students and parents have asked these questions over the years. Educators look forward to answering these and many decided to share their experiences with the community.  

Jane Drake, Head of Curriculum Innovation and Alignment at the IB, explains how international-mindedness helps students prepare for life in the 21st century. 

The question of how to instil and assess international-mindedness remains. Educators around the world have developed their own methods. Rajeswari Vidyashankar talked about religion in her classroom and asked each student to choose one and research it.

Portraiture is a method that Veronica Boix Mansilla has explored as part of her work as principal investigator at Project Zero, at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She explains how this technique can help embrace and demonstrate international-mindedness.

Finally, the beneficial applications of international-mindedness go way beyond school and the classroom. International educator Carolyn Savage writes for Huffington Post about the importance of international mindedness, and how to encourage it at home.