Collaboration between University of the People and the IB

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Life-long learning is an inherent part of the IB, not just for IB students, but for everyone in the IB community, especially our educators. The IB places a lot of emphasis on professional development to improve the experiences of educators and students.

This is reflected in the IB’s collaboration with the University of the People (UoPeople), a non-profit, USA accredited, online university dedicated to opening access to higher education world-wide. The aim of this collaboration is to offer teachers and aspiring teachers across the world an opportunity to further their careers, regardless of where they live and work, and regardless of whether they are affiliated with the IB. To this end, a tuition-free, online Master of Education (M.Ed.) programme was launched in October 2018. 

The collaboration was announced by IB’s Director General, Dr Siva Kumari, and Shai Reshef, President of the University of the People, at the IB’s Global Conference in Vienna, Austria. The initiative has been extremely popular and already has over 2,000 applicants.