IB Director General Dr Siva Kumari delivers keynote speech at TAISI Annual Leadership Conference


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Dr Kumari hopes education leaders will join the revolution in education that the Fourth Industrial Revolutions demands. 

Last month, Dr Siva Kumari delivered the keynote speech at The Association of International Schools of India (TAISI)’s 15th Annual Leadership Conference.

Siva’s speech, “What the world needs,” covered the changing challenges and demands on education as the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic unfold, “disrupting and redefining almost every aspect of almost every life, and confronting us all with the close and constant awareness that lives are being hurt, lives are being damaged, lives are being lost.”

Speaking of the widespread effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, she noted that it was actually made up of five revolutions, and that “education has a huge power to shape and influence the direction and outcomes of these revolutions—probably more than any other single aspect of society.”

Dr Kumari remarked that this revolution in education depended on teachers, because “without the spark provided by great teaching...millions of minds will remain unmotivated to become their best selves, to use all they’ve learned to make the world a better place.”

Talking about the IB programmes pedagogical breadth, Dr Kumari said teachers have chosen one of the noblest professions, where their combined passion and professionalism has always been a hallmark of IB practice.

The IB Director General ended her speech on a personal note: 

“Some of you may know that I'm ending my tenure of the IB, 12 years after I started as a regional director in the IBS Asia Pacific region. It was back then, in 2009, that I got to know TAISI, when I came to India, I knew many heads of schools in India who made such a change in India. You gave me such a warm welcome, and that has remained through these 12 years."