Dr Siva Kumari speaks to Thrive Global about what she’s learned as IB Director General

Dr Siva Kumari, Director General of the IB, was recently featured in Thrive Global - the newest venture from Huffington Post founder Ariana Huffington - where she shared how she became passionate about education and what drives her in her job. She also talks about the five things she wishes someone had told her before becoming Director General of the IB.

One of the five things Dr Kumari mentions is: “Anything that happens in the organization under your tenure will be associated with you as an individual. So you need a robust sense of perspective to see where you, as an individual, make a personal difference and focus on making positive change.” 

When asked what drives her position as Director General of the IB, Dr Kumari has a lot to say, one of the things being “the awesome responsibility that I feel to all the schools who choose the IB over so many easier choices. It’s a demanding standard and schools work hard to become a part of this passionate community. They add much needed energy to the mix.”

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