Dr Siva Kumari featured in “Talk Nerdy” podcast

How does the IB prepare students to be lifelong learners? What does the future of education look like in our everchanging world? Why is Dr Kumari so interested in artificial intelligence? All these questions and more answered in “Talk Nerdy's” podcast with the IB’s Director General Dr Siva Kumari.

In this podcast Dr Kumari talks all things education, from the IB’s philosophy and programmes to the future direction of education in general. Among other topics, she explains what makes our careers-related programme so unique and discusses the role of technology in education.

She also shares some interesting insights from her own life, such as her rather unconventional journey from a small town in India to becoming the Director General of the IB. So, whether you’re looking to learn about the IB’s signature programmes, are interested in the general conversation around education, or just want to know more about Dr Kumari, this podcast is worth a listen!

Listen to the podcast on SoundCloud.