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Presented by the International Baccalaureate Organization, a Swiss Foundation, with a registered address at Route des Morillons 15, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland (the “IB”)



The MYP Student Innovators platform and grant will identify and recognize motivated Middle Years Programme (“MYP”) years 4-5 students who demonstrate the skills needed to become the socially conscious leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs the world needs today. The platform will support students to create, innovate or expand on an impactful project of their own design.

Through an application and review process, this platform will seek to award a grant for up to thirty (30) MYP years 4-5 student initiatives focusing on social impact and innovation. It will encourage projects that allow for additional students from their school community to take on leadership roles and demonstrate potential for the idea to continue to grow into the Diploma Programme (“DP”). Finalists will become part of an annual peer-to-peer network of diverse students, receive a grant to support their project, and each finalist will be paired with a mentor from the IB alumni community to offer guidance at key checkpoints throughout the grant cycle.

  1. Eligibility

The MYP Student Innovators platform is open to IB students all around the world, who must have the nomination and support of their school coordinator and/or head of school. Applications would be open to students attending IB World Schools offering the MYP years 4-5. The students also need the authorization of their legal guardians.

Previous recipients of the Grant are not eligible.

All entrants must be between the age of 14 and 16 at the time of the application. The IB reserves the right to verify an individual’s eligibility to participate.

By participating, entrants must

  • agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions;
  • acknowledge compliance with these Terms and Conditions;
  • represent and warrant that entrant meets all of the eligibility criteria set forth in these Terms and Conditions;
  • agree to comply with any and all applicable federal, Canton and municipal, rules and regulations; and
  • agree to release and hold harmless the  IB and any employees thereof  (“Grant Entities”) from and against all claims, injury, or damages arising out of or relating to participation in the platform and/or the use, misuse or redemption of the Grant (hereinafter defined), and for any claim including claims based on defamation, publicity rights, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or any other intellectual property related cause of action.
  1. To enter

Entrants must first submit an application available on the web at ibo.org/programmes/middle-years-programme/myp-student-innovators/their legal name, the relevant IB World School in which they attend the MYP, and a name for their project. In addition, students must provide a funding level request in USD and a statement describing how the funding is intended to be used. Applicants will also be required to describe their project or initiative, their personal connection to the project or initiative, their prior experience in this area of interest, the intended impact on their community, and define key success indicators, including the people, skills and resources they will need to complete the project or initiative. Finally, to be considered applicants must seek out the nomination of their IB World School’s head or programme coordinator.

Semi-finalists: Entrants who complete the application by the deadline will be notified in May of the relevant year about their status as a semi-finalist. Semi-finalists will be required to complete a recorded in-person interview to be evaluated by a review committee before consideration as a finalist in the review process.

Finalists selected by the review committee will be notified in writing of their selection of the grant. To receive a grant, finalize will be required to accept the terms and conditions of the grant and provide all required documentation prior to receiving any grant funding.

  1. Judging for applications

To determine the Semi-finalists and Finalists, the IB will be making a holistic evaluation of Eligible Entries using the following factors:

  • Community engagement: The applicant’s initiative demonstrates a commitment to creating a positive contribution to their local or global community
  • Leadership: The applicant demonstrates potential to lead and learn as they complete the initiative and guide others in becoming changemakers at their IB World School
  • Vision: The applicant’s initiative is innovative and demonstrates a strong likelihood of creating change
  • Sustainability: The applicant’s initiative includes a clearly defined plan for reaching and sustaining its goals
  • Ethicality: The applicant and their initiative strive to maintain a high ethical standard
  • Need: The applicant’s initiative demonstrates in the narrative that the grant fills a need for additional resources that cannot be filled by other means
  • Nomination: The applicant received a strong recommendation of the head or coordinator at the applicant’s IB World School
  1. Judging for Finalists/Semi-finalists

The Selection Committee will judge up to 60 Semi-finalists and select the top 30 Semi-finalists as Recipients. The IB reserves the right to not select a Recipient.

  1. Conflicts of interest

All jurors participating, whether as members of the IB or the jury, will be prohibited from:

  • judging any entrant, they are employed by or affiliated with, or
  • judging any entrant that they identify being unable to objectively evaluate.
  1. Grant

Each Recipient selected as a finalist will be eligible to receive a grant of no more than USD 10,000. Grant amount will vary by applicant.

The money has to be solely used for the project that has been awarded.

Recipients are allowed to use the money only in the way they described it in the project. If there had to be a necessity to use more because of an event or other reasonable reasons, they will need the authorization of their monitor.

Any other use is prohibited and will result in sanctions and possible legal pursuits by the IB. In the event of a residue- money that is left because it wasn't used- the Recipient will not have the option to keep it and the money will be given back to the IB.

  1. Recipient verification

Entry into the MYP Student Innovators platform and grant constitutes an agreement to these terms. If a Potential Recipient does not agree to these terms, the Potential Recipient may be disqualified, and the Grant forfeited.

To be eligible to receive the Grant, each Recipient must sign and return to the IB, within thirty (30) days of issuance of such documentation from the IB, an Award Agreement acknowledging and accepting all aspects of Grant conditions.

If a Potential Recipient is unable to participate in or accept the Grant or any portion of the Grant for any reason, the IB will have no further obligation to the Potential Recipient. Grant or Grant documents returned as undeliverable will result in forfeiture of the Grant. The IB expressly reserves the right to delay the announcement of the Recipients for any reason it deems necessary.

In addition, the IB reserves the right to select an alternate Recipient in the event that any Potential Recipient fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions or fails to execute the documentation within the time frame specified.

  1. Grant terms

The Grant will be released in July of the relevant year to eligible finalists. The IB shall have no responsibility or obligation to a Recipient who is unable or unavailable to, or who does not for any reason, accept or utilize the Grant. All costs and expenses not specifically listed above as part of the Grant are solely the Recipient’s responsibility.

  1. Taxes

Any and all tax liabilities (including income and withholding taxes) and any other costs and expenses associated with Grant acceptance and use not specified herein as being provided are the responsibility of the Recipients.

  1. Publicity release and intellectual property

By participating, each Finalist or Semi-finalist grants the right to the IB, and its representatives, affiliates, licensees and assigns, to record, film, videotape and photograph such Finalist/Semi-finalists (“Images”). These Images will be owned by the IB. The IB and each of its designees shall have the right to use, re-use, reproduce, publish, display, exhibit, distribute, edit, adapt, post, stream, copy and exploit such Images, and all elements embodied therein, including any names, likenesses, address, voice, conversation, biographical and Grant information and any other attributes of such Finalist, individually or with others, in whole or in part, in conjunction with other material, if any and all media now known or hereafter devised, for the purpose of trade, advertising, publicity, promotion, or list of Recipients or any other lawful purpose whatsoever, in perpetuity, throughout the world, without additional compensation, consideration, notification or permission, except where prohibited by law.

The Recipient however has an exclusive right, except from the exceptions listed above, to the Intellectual property of his/her project. The Recipient will grant the IB a non-exclusive, unrestricted and unlimited license to use the Intellectual property.

  1. Entrant conduct

Each entrant is responsible for complying fully with both the letter and spirit of all the provisions of these terms and conditions. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the MYP Student Innovators platform and grant.

  1. General terms

The IB reserves the right, throughout all phases of the MYP Student Innovators platform and grant, to take any additional steps it deems reasonably necessary to ensure that each entrant meets the qualification standards set forth herein, has otherwise complied with these Terms and Conditions, and is not engaged in any morally suspect activity. Entrants agree to comply with all such measures and understand that their continuing eligibility to participate (including the right to receive any Grants in connection therewith) is expressly conditioned on such compliance.

The IB is not responsible if the IB MYP Student Innovators platform and grant cannot take place, or if any Grant cannot be awarded due to events outside of the reasonable control of the IB. If, for any reason, the IB MYP Student Innovators platform and grant is not capable of running as planned, the IB reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, modify, or suspend the IB MYP Student Innovators platform and grant without liability of any kind to the entrants. The IB reserves the right to modify and amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Failure by the IB to enforce any term of these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.

By participating, all entrants agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the IB from any and all damages, claims, and liability (including attorney’s fees and costs) arising out of or relating in any way to entrant’s participation and acceptance or use of any Grant and to release all rights to bring any claim, action or proceeding against the IB. This includes, but is not limited to, any and all claims, demands, and causes of action for personal injuries or death and/or damage to personal or real property, theft, loss, or damage of any kind, or any other harm suffered directly or indirectly arising from or in connection with any Potential Recipient’s participation or acceptance or use of any Grant or, including, but not limited to, traveling to, preparing for and/or participating in any Grant related activity and for any claims based on publicity rights, defamation, invasion of privacy and merchandise delivery.

The IB assume no responsibility for any typographical or other error in the printing of the offer, administration of the platform, errors in processing entries, identifying the Recipients, in the announcement of the Grants and Recipients, and the delivery of the Grants.

  1. Severability

To the extent that any provision of this agreement or any paragraph, term, sentence, phrase, clause or word of this agreement shall be found to be void, illegal or unenforceable for any reason (and not subject to further appeal),

  • the remaining terms and provisions hereof shall be unimpaired and shall remain in full force and effect, and
  • the illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision or term shall be replaced by a term or provision that is valid and enforceable and that comes closest to expressing the intention of such invalid or unenforceable term or provision.
  1. Governing law

The IB MYP Student Innovators platform and grant is governed by the laws of the country of Switzerland and those of the Canton of the Republic of Geneva and the municipality of Geneva.