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These resources are designed to support educators and parents in understanding the impact of an IB education from a student's perspective. We invite you to share these stories in print and digital formats. Students featured here are members of the IB Alumni Network, a resource for IB graduates around the world. By connecting with us, former students have the opportunity to participate in research, support development efforts and speak at our events. To date, more than 70,000 alumni have registered and the number is still growing.

  • Meet alumni making a difference

    To celebrate the IB’s 50th anniversary, we’d like you to meet some of our alumni who graduated from the IB Diploma Programme and went on to report from war zones, change the lives of refugees, create beautiful music, and soar through space.

  • Information for IB graduates

    Help us continue to build resources like this by inviting IB graduates to join the IB Alumni Network. The network links graduates from IB World Schools in 147 countries to support their future studies and careers.

  • IB Alumni Network

    Invite your graduating students to join the global IB Alumni Network. The letter available through the link below may be provided to your students at the completion of their exams or during graduation ceremonies. 

    Alumni invitation letter